Fixed Telephone System

Fixed Telephone System

What are business fixed telephone systems?

A business telephone system is an advanced calling network designed to improve communications for small and large organisations and everything in between. Because business telephones are designed to handle the complex needs of businesses, like customer service calls and call routing to get calls to the right person, office telephone systems have capabilities beyond what you would find on a typical residential telephone service.

Some of the most useful capabilities of a business telephone system include the following:

There are a few different types of telephone systems suitable for small office or business use: multi-line, VoIP, PBX, and Cloud-based phone systems. These office phone systems are differentiated primarily by the technology used and the cost and the service provider. Most of the communications functions of one type of system can be replicated on the other systems, but the cost to do so can vary drastically.

Fixed Telephone System

NBN Compatible PBX Phone Systems

PBX stands for private branch exchange, and it is essentially a private phone network for the office. It routes incoming and outgoing voice calls through the business’s phone lines and offers a variety of advanced features like call holding, routing to extensions, and conference calling, which are essential for doing business.

A PBX phone system is different from a standard multi-line phone system in that the call switching and routing does not occur directly through the phone unit, but rather is centralised. This makes a PBX more easily scalable and often more cost-effective than a key system. An NBN compatible PBX system can also be hosted in the Cloud (called a host PBX or virtual PBX) and handle VoIP calls (called IP-PBX). These systems are very flexible.

What to Consider, if you’re Ready to make a Decision

When you’re evaluating different service providers, there are a few different factors to take into consideration. Service availability is the first one. The service provider needs to be in your area. Naturally, price is another very important one, and many times there are additional fees to assess. An activation fee often comes with new service. And a third often over-looked factor is the contract length. Is it a year contract? A two year contract? Make sure you know what you’re committing to.


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Multi-line Phone Systems

Multi-line phone systems are phones that can have several lines run through the same unit, allowing the operator to answer each phone number individually or send calls to voicemail. These business phone systems are fairly basic, making them a great fit for many small businesses. Simple 2-to-10 line phone systems have separate telephone units, allowing multiple people to be on a call—say, a receptionist and a manager—at the same time.

More complex 10-to-100+ line phone systems allow for even more employees to take or make calls simultaneously. With either phone system, you can handle a local line or toll-free number.

When shopping for a new multi-line phone system, the biggest thing to look out for is how many lines it supports and compare that to how many users you have on your system. You don’t want to pay for more than you need, but you also want a business phone service that allows you some room to grow.

The multi-line telephone is your basic small business telephone system. It is the sturdy, reliable office phone system that you find in every professional office. It’s the reliable device to unify communication and stay in touch with customers.

Transition from Traditional Telephony to IP Networking and Collaboration

Over the past decade, the telecommunications landscape has witnessed a significant shift from traditional telephony systems, such as Private Branch Exchange (PABX) and Time Division Multiplexing (TDM), to IP networking and collaboration solutions. This transition has revolutionized the way businesses communicate and collaborate, offering numerous benefits and opportunities for growth. Transition from Traditional Telephony to IP Networking and Collaboration

Transition from Traditional Telephony to IP Networking and Collaboration

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