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Designed and developed by Telephonesonline

Welcome to the future of portable connectivity with Dual 4G/5G SIM Wireless Router.

Designed and developed by Telephonesonline, this innovative solution combines the power of dual 4G/5G connectivity with unparalleled portability and security, revolutionising how you stay connected on the go, especially in emergency and disaster relief efforts.

Innovative Solution

Stay connected on the go, especially in emergency and disaster relief efforts.

Key Features:

  • Dual 4G/5G SIM Router: Seamlessly switch between 4G and 5G networks for ultra-fast, reliable internet access wherever you are.
  • Portable Wireless Router: Housed in a sturdy hard case, our router is designed for rapid deployment and maximum portability without compromising on performance.
  • Emergency Connectivity Solutions: Operate in closed position for added security, ensuring your network remains protected against unauthorised access.
  • Rapid Deployment Router: Simple setup process allows for rapid deployment, getting you connected in minutes, while intuitive controls make operation effortless.
  • Battery Backup Wireless Router: Select models come equipped with battery backup, providing uninterrupted connectivity even in situations where external power sources are unavailable.
  • High-Speed Portable Router: Enjoy high-speed WiFi connectivity with support for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, ensuring optimal performance and coverage.
  • 2×2 MIMO Router: Benefit from improved signal strength and reliability with our dual antenna design, enabling seamless connectivity in challenging environments.

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  • Stay Connected Anywhere:
    With Portable Dual 4G/5G SIM Wireless Router, you’re never out of reach. Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity whether you’re on the move or stationary, making it ideal for emergency and disaster relief efforts.

  • Rapid Deployment:
    When time is of the essence, Portable Dual 4G/5G SIM Wireless Router ensures quick and easy deployment, allowing you to establish vital communication links in minutes.

  • Portable WiFi Hotspot:
    Transform any location into a WiFi hotspot, providing essential connectivity for teams, responders, and individuals in remote or disaster-affected areas.

  • High-Speed Performance:
    Experience blasing-fast internet speeds, enabling smooth communication, data transfer, and multimedia streaming even in bandwidth-intensive applications.

  • Reliable Connectivity:
    Our robust design and advanced antenna technology ensure reliable connectivity, even in challenging environments or adverse weather conditions.

  • Battery Backup for Continuous Operation:
    Choose models with battery backup to ensure continuous operation, maintaining connectivity even during power outages or in remote locations without access to external power sources.

Technical Specifications:

  • Network Compatibility: Dual 4G LTE / 5G SIM slots
  • Weight: 3.7KG
  • Dimensions: W 330mm  H 170mm L 420mm
  • Battery Life:
  • Security Features: Closed operation mode, WPA3 encryption, VPN support
  • WiFi Bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Antenna Design: 2×2 MIMO
  • Automatic switching to available backup connection
  • Remote management & access


  • Emergency and Disaster Relief:
    Provide vital communication infrastructure during emergencies and natural disasters, facilitating coordination, rescue operations, and relief efforts.

  • Remote Work and Business Continuity:
    Ensure business continuity and productivity by maintaining connectivity during business trips, remote work setups, or temporary deployments.

  • Outdoor Adventures and Events:
    Stay connected during outdoor adventures, events, or remote locations where traditional internet access is unavailable or unreliable.

About Us:

Learn more about Telephonesonline, and our commitment to innovation and excellence in the telecommunications industry, particularly in providing solutions for emergency connectivity and rapid deployment.

Ready to experience the future of portable connectivity?

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Don't let connectivity limitations hold you back in emergencies or rapid deployment scenarios.

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